Alan CooperThe Alan Cooper Epiderm Lecture has been established in recognition of Epiderm’s generous support of The University of Queensland’s dermatology and skin cancer research programs.  Epiderm, formerly the Australian Dermatology Research and Education Foundation, was established in 1992 following Australia’s successful bid to host the International League of Dermatological Societies World Congress of Dermatology meeting in Sydney in 1997. The World Congress was led by Professor Alan Cooper and Professor Robin Marks and generated a significant financial surplus representing the majority of the Foundation’s initial funding.

Professor Alan Cooper, a driving force behind academic Dermatology in Australia, played a lead role on the board of Epiderm. Over a 22 year period, Epiderm funded many dermatological projects within Australia.  From 2007-2014, Epiderm donated over $2.8 million in support of the dermatology and skin cancer research within the Dermatology Research Centre under the direction of Professor H. Peter Soyer.  Epiderm’s capstone donation of $2.05 million in 2014, prior to the Foundations disestablishment, leveraged over $3.5 million in additional support for UQ’s dermatology and skin cancer research programs.