Collaboration led by Chief Investigators Professor Len Gray (UQ), Professor Deborah Theodoras (UQ), Associate Professor Anthony Smith (UQ), Associate Professor Trevor Russell (UQ), Professor H Peter Soyer (UQ), Associate Professor Noel Hayman (UQ), Dr Nicole Gillespie (UQ) and Associate Professor Jennifer Whitty (UQ).

The Centre of Research Excellence in Telehealth (CRE) was officially launched in September 2014 thanks to funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

CRE in Telehealth Research Themes: The CRE has eight research themes, including Aged Care, Business Processes, Health Economics, Home Care, Indigenous Health, Small Rural Hospitals, Store and Forward, and Technology Solutions. The Store and Forward research stream is led by Director of the Dermatology Research Centre, Professor H. Peter Soyer and supported by Dr Anna Finnane.

The Store and Forward Research Theme: Store and Forward approaches to telehealth have been successfully implemented for clinical situations where assessment of motion is not required, for example dermatology and wound care. The CRE's Store and Forward researchers are investigating the best ways to translate the success of Store and Forward pilot projects into practice. Researchers are also exploring the applicability, sustainability and economics of each mode. Aspects of the research also aim to inform policy development regarding the relative benefits of modes, specifically Store and Forward approaches, with the aim to receive support for less expensive modes through the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).