This is one of four QGHA demonstration projects announced by the Queensland State Government in May 2017, with funding of $600,000 over 18 months. 

Aim of study: The central objective of the Melanoma Project is to evaluate the use of genomic sequencing in the diagnosis and/or management of specific patient groups and to determine the impact of testing on patient care. The impact of genomic sequencing on detection rate, cost of investigations and decision-making will be evaluated. An underlying objective is to also build the clinical workforce’s expertise with genomics.

Description: Queensland has the highest melanoma incidence and associated mortality rates in Australia and the world. The melanoma research project will focus on the use of genomics in the prevention and early detection of melanoma. In conjunction with 3D total body photography of moles, the project will undertake genomic testing for people at high risk of melanoma which will determine the effectiveness of genomics to enable prevention and earlier detection. This research will then be integrated into education for current and future clinicians to embed it into clinical practice.

Conducted by: Professor H. Peter Soyer UQDI, A/Professor Rick Sturm UQDI, Dr Mitchell Stark UQDI, A/Professor Helmut Schaider UQDI, Ms Betsy Peach UQDI, Professor Mark Smithers, UQ Discipline of Surgery, A/Professor Victoria Atkinson PAH, Dr Erin McMeniman, UQ Faculty of Medicine, Professor Nikolas Haass, UQDI, A/Professor Kiarash Khosrotehrani UQDI, Dr Anna Finnane UQ Dermatology Research Centre, Professor Monika Janda QUT.

Project Co-ordinator: Anthony Raphael

Project members