The Health Outcome Programs are flagship initiatives of The University of Queensland Faculty of Medicine. The 3D QMelanoma Targeted early detection of melanoma utilising a 3D teledermatology (3DT) network, is one of two announced in February 2017.

Aim of the Study: The primary aim of the 3D QMelanoma project is to improve early detection of melanoma in high risk Queenslanders. The team has access to the largest skin cancer study in Australia, QSkin, and will recruit high risk participants to conduct a nested feasibility study of an innovative targeted screening program incorporating 3D total body photography.  

Description: Melanoma incidence continues to increase in Australia, with Queensland labelled as ‘melanoma capital of the world’. Early melanoma diagnosis is crucial to improve prognosis and patient outcomes.

This research program focuses on innovative solutions to address the problem of high melanoma incidence and mortality. While general population screening for melanoma is not recommended, there is strong support for targeted screening of people at high risk.

This world-first targeted screening program will assess clinical outcomes, health service outcomes and consumer behaviour outcomes.

Conducted by: Professor H. Peter Soyer UQDI, Professor David Whiteman QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Professor Luke Connelly UQ Centre for Business and Economics of Health, Professor Mieke van Driel UQ Discipline of General Practice, Dr Anna Finnane UQ Dermatology Research Centre, Professor Len Gray UQ Centre for Health Services Research, Professor Monika Janda QUT, A/Professor Stuart Macgregor QIMR, Dr Erin McMeniman, UQ Faculty of Medicine, Professor Mark Smithers, UQ Discipline of Surgery.

Health Outcome Program Co-ordinator: Liz Payne

Project members

Professor Peter Soyer

MRFF-NG Practitioner Fellow
Frazer Institute