Who owns your DNA? Ancestry services, solving crimes, and your privacy

15 Apr 2019

DNAWho owns your DNA? was recorded at the 2019 World Science Festival and streamed on the ABC Science Friction website. 

Dr Aideen McInerney-Leo, Genetic Councillor at the University of Queensland Dermatology Research Centre, was one of three panelists in this discussion about who owns your DNA.

The podcast discusses the fine line between profiling and privacy.

Dr McInerey-Leo's message is simple: "Think before you spit."

Science Friction is a seasonal show hosted and produced by award-winning science journalist, presenter and podcaster Natasha Mitchell with guests, and brought to you by the whole ABC Science team.

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Andrew Crowden 
Bioethicist and Associate Professor in Philosophy 
University of Queensland  

Dr Aideen McInerney-Leo 
Genetics counsellor, geneticist and NHMRC fellow 
University of Queensland. 

Dennis McNevin 
Professor of Forensic Genetics 
University of Technology Sydney 


World Science Festival Brisbane

Sound engineers: Dave White and Matthew Crawford