Conducted by Professor Ian Frazer (UQ DI), Professor Philip Hugenholtz (UQ SCMB), Associate Professor Marcel Dinger (Garvan IMR), Professor H. Peter Soyer (UQ DRC), Associate Professor E Geoffrey Playford (PAH), and Associate Professor Tarl Prow (UQ DRC).

Aim of the study:(1) Characterise the skin microbiome of Actinic Keratosis (AK) lesions and its relation to lesion history. (2) Determine correlations between the local immune response profile and AK lesion regression. (3) Determine the effects of quorum sensing molecules (QSM) produced by skin bacteria on the growth of AK lesions and of hyperplastic epithelium.

Description: This project brings together a team of experts from disparate research backgrounds to establish the role of localised environmental factors (the skin microbiome and virome, and associated inflammatory responses) in the progression of skin squamous pre-cancer lesions to invasive squamous cancer.

Status: Ongoing longitudinal study (2014-2018) following the natural history of lesions over time.  Study involves ongoing correlation of data analysis, from both lesional and peri-lesional skin, with annual follow ups to monitor any factors relevant to lesional changes/progression.

Project members

Professor Peter Soyer

MRFF-NG Practitioner Fellow
Frazer Institute