UQ Melanoma Community Forum

Fri 20 Nov 2020 9:00am10:00am

This forum was hosted by the Centre of Research Excellence for the Study of Naevi. The Centre of Research Excellence is a research collaboration between The University of Queensland, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Cancer Council Queensland and The University of Sydney, and aims to reduce the burden that melanoma places on people in Queensland and all over Australia.

Hear from  international guest speaker, Dr Veronica Rotemberg, Consultant Dermatologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, and co-chair of the 2020 International Skin Imaging Collaboration (ISIC) Challenge, on the topic of "AI in dermatology: how, where, and when?"

Joining Dr Rotemberg in the panel discussion, were:

  • Forum chair: Professor Joanne Aitken, General Manager, Research, Cancer Council Queensland.
  • Professor H. Peter Soyer: Chair in Dermatology, Director, Dermatology Research Centre, The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute and Director Princess Alexandra Hospital Dermatology Department.
  • Dr Aideen McInerney-Leo: Genetic Counsellor and Research Fellow at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute.
  • Dr Brigid Betz-Stablein: Biostatician and early career researcher, The University of Queensland and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute.
  • Q&A Moderator: Professor Monika Janda: Professor in Behavioural Science, Centre for Health Services Research, The University of Queensland.

There has been an incredible amount of progress in artificial intelligence (AI) for dermatology over the past few years, especially in melanoma diagnosis. Over the past year, we have focused on an international effort to support the best possible AI development and prospective testing. We will discuss the current state of AI for dermatology, where we think it may be deployed in the near term, and how it may help our patients.

Veronica Rotemberg, MD, PhD is a practicing dermatologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and an expert in imaging informatics and artificial intelligence for dermatology applications. She is active in the International Skin Imaging Collaboration (ISIC), most recently hosting a grand challenge for melanoma detection in collaboration with The University of Queensland and an international group of dermatologists with 3,300 participants submitting AI models for melanoma detection.

This forum was recorded on Friday 20 November, 2020.